Our afternoon in Minneapolis with ROLU

On a weekend trip to Minneapolis for a friend’s wedding we were also able to make a new friend…Matt of ROLU, the design and art studio based in Minneapolis.  Their plywood and OSB furniture is madly circulating on loads of blogs and rightly so.  They are making some interesting shapes with a simple relationship to material and finishing. 

Matt was a wonderful guide through the Walker to see Alec Soth’s photography show and then on bike for a ride along one of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota.   Check out the FREE chairs we happened upon on our journey!!!

The above image is the ROLU shape chair zig.  There’s also a zag version.  
Definitely see their latest collection of furniture:  http://rolustudio.com/
And, a very inspiring blog:  http://rolu.terapad.com/
They’ll also be showing their collection at Mondo Cane in New York, so stay tuned!