Here & There magazine #12

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Here & There magazine #12


Zoku Kakucho

After a long break between issues, Nakako Hayashi returns with reflections on her collaborations and her relationship with many of the artists she's featured in her time doing Here & There.  Special notes on her experience preparing and mounting the exhibition “You reach out – right now – for something: Questioning the Concept of Fashion”.  

"I feel that this issue, more so than the previous ones, shows the values and visions of each artist more clearly. So that is why it has ended up having more text, translation, and more to design and proofread than ever before. Publishing is an act to leave marks on a newborn world, and give shape to timid voices, as well as subtle but confident voices. I want to thank each and every one of those who have given a helping hand, and those who will be reading this, and those who already have. The people who make things and those who take things in, equally create this world, by surely transmitting something even on a small scale, as if to reflect one another clearly on a mirror, giving a life of its own to shine through." - Nakako Hayashi

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