More magazines on the rack

More things to read recently arrived…

1. Der Die Das:  Issues:  Can, Corduroy, Paperclip
German publication with LOVELY photography responding to a theme…see above themes.  Highly recommended!

2. Acne Paper:  Enjoy every word and image of this “paper.”  Elegant, thoughtful and beautiful crafted.  This one is about the “studio.”  Also has a photo spread by Deborah Turbeville.  Favorite!!!

3. Casa Brutus: Special Architecture Issue #2
Good survey of residential and commercial projects.  Doesn’t matter what it is…will make you think about space differently. 

4. Casa Brutus: Sanaa
One of our favorite architecture teams.  Say no more.

5. Casa Brutus: Coffee, Bakery & Kitchen
Versions of the morning ritual.  Look for Ryan Conder and Thurston…two LA locals!