Introducing Jessica Sanders


Where are you from, where have you lived and where do you live at present?

I’m from South Florida, and I currently live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY.

I have lived in:

Mena, AR

Santa Rosa, CA

Houston, TX

Sana Barbara, CA

Camden, SC

Naples, FL

Miami, FL

Columbus, OH

Brooklyn, NY


Will you provide a brief bio and describe an element of your practice?

I live and work in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, and share a studio with fellow artist and frequent collaborator, Ryan Estep (and an opinionated Boston Terrier). I make sculpture that is derived from conceptual and minimalist forms. Reflecting on personal observations, my work looks at interactions through the filter of materials and physicality, focusing on matter that I find to have a lifespan - wax, sugar, clay, honey, hair, dry wall mud, concrete, sliver leaf.

I received my BFA in ceramics from the University of Miami in 2007 and my MFA from Ohio State University in 2010. I’m currently a participant in the Bronx Museum 2012 Artist in the Marketplace Program, and have recently exhibited at LBi, New York, NY, The Bronx Art Space, Bronx, NY, and the Active Space, Brooklyn, NY. I have previously shown throughout New York at spaces including 35 Meadow, Grace Exhibition Space, Nurture Art, and AIR Gallery, and currently have select work for sale at Iko Iko in Los Angeles, CA. I will be in the upcoming Second AIM Biennial, Bronx Calling, at the Bronx Museum of Art, and was recently featured on the New York Art Blog, Art Fag City.

Use three verbs that capture your work:

change, touch, distill


What musician or group would you pair with your work?

Le Tigre covering Phillip Glass, but that hasn’t happened yet, so until then,

KYOKO’S HOUSE, by Philip Glass, from the Mashima Original Music Soundtrack.

What people, places, or things influence you in your practice?

Eva Hesse

Roni Horn

Piero Manzoni

Tehching Hsieh

Anne Truitt

Robert Morris

Chris Burden

Marcia Tucker

Italian Neo Avant Garde of the 1950s and 60s

Emily Jane Bronte

John Irving

Audrey Hepburn

Charles and Ray Eames

traditional American textiles and patterns

Islamic ceramics

celadon porcelain wares

growing up in a place with no seasons

growing up on a horse farm

flat, wide spaces

the ocean

the physical presence of a body with a material

going slow

peeling an orange

The Dia: Beacon

The National History Museum

Hiroshima Mon Amour

Victor Erice’s Lifeline/Ten Minutes Older

Robert Besson



What reading material are you enjoying?

I just finished Joshua Abelow’s book, Painter’s Journal. It’s the six journals from his first year in NY, completely engrossing and irresistible. I couldn’t put it down. Now I’m on to Pulphead, a collection of essays by John Jeremiah Sullivan; Bomb’s Speak Art, edited by Betsy Sussler, which are interviews with artists; and A Short Life of Trouble by Marcia Tucker (which I’ve read so many times I’ve lost count, it just keeps getting better each time).


What is your idea of future?

I think of future as a continuation, a Möbius strip, always looping back around itself. No beginning or end, it’s an investigation of the between.           



What is your working uniform in the studio?

Black Japanese Cotton pants or knee length skirt, waist – to – knee apron tied in front, V-neck Tee shirt on top, hoodie, boat shoes, and socks in the winter. 

Above images from top to bottom:

JESSICA SANDERS, Accumulation Series, 2011-2012, beeswax on stretched canvas.

JESSICA SANDERS, Chains, 2012; cotton fabric, hand dyed fox fur, sheepskin.