WAKA WAKA stuff featured on the YOUhaveBEENhereSOMETIME blog—a blog full of VERY inspiring thoughts and images, for those of you who are unfamiliar.

Pictured above are handmade knitting needles, sizes 35, 17, 11 (oak and hardwood, $55/each).

A little about WAKA WAKA…
WAKA WAKA is a project focusing on furniture and utilitarian objects designed and handmade by Shin Okuda.  
“I waka waka waka – I go many places,” which is from the song Coffin for Head of State by Nigerian musician FELA KUTI.

Here are some more things created especially for IKO IKO by WAKA WAKA. 

Cheese Slice Table, birch, contact for pricing (info@ikoikospace.com)

Triangle herb/flower planters, red balau wood, $88 + free Kitazawa see packet of your choice

Mini desk, birch, $500


Leaning bedside bookshelf, birch, $178 (standard width), $185 (wide width)

For more info:  323.719.1079 / info@ikoikospace.com