IKO IKO's Workshop I: Ikebana!

Pictures from IKO IKO’s first Ikebana workshop led by Ohara School level III Master Yumiko Kikkawa.

Yumiko presented a brief history of the practice in Japan and talked about the many different schools active here in the United States today. She did three advanced demonstration arrangements, candidly explaining the relationship of color, the importance of the line and structure of the flowers when arranging and how to let the flowers “talk to you.” After instructing the parameters of the basic Rising Form arrangement, everyone set off to make their composition.

Yumiko correcting the arrangements.

Rising Form arrangements in progress.

Her Radial Form arrangement, one of the three demonstration arrangements by Yumiko.

Instructor Yumiko Kikkawa in her summer kimono and obi.

Yumiko currently teaches private lessons and also instructs at the Los Angeles Arboretum on Friday mornings. If you’d like more information, please contact IKO IKO at info@ikoikospace.com and we’ll gladly get you in contact with her.