We started to feel a shift in what we were wanting to look at, to wear, to make, to inhabit—how to better feel an individualism.  And so our intentions have been moving towards what we see as challenging, away from what feels obvious, discarding overt ideas of heritage and the current impulse toward a collage of traditional styles, ideas and techniques.  IKO IKO is restating our concept statement to be:  feel the future.  We want to put forth what lies ahead, what is still undone, what is unusually fresh. 

With issue no. 6 of BLEACHED BLEACHED, Sarah Chow matches this appeal for an idea of the future with a special selection of work. Using the computer as her medium, her image making is what she calls “an artifact of computer reveries.” There is movement through time, through color and through space, a subversion of reality and an elevation of an alternate world. It’s an architecture that she manipulates herself. The entrance to many of her images is through a flirtation—a vibrating something and a gradient something. It’s a world of moving abstractions composed of data and applied pixels that excite and stimulate.

Self-taught in coding during young adulthood, Sarah was utilizing a platform foreign to many and at that time, an idea beyond the present. Her experience as a maker began through ventures with the early web, surrounded by the initial philosophy of early internet. It marks how she has formed the relationship between invention and representation, dangling reality and fiction beyond the computer space. She is giving us new access, showing us new ways of making and thinking.  Sarah Chow gives us the future.  Please enjoy.

Sarah Chow lives and works in New York. 

To see more of her work: