Another addition to the news rack...

Ein Magazine über Orte (a magazine about places) – 
A beautifully wire bound mono-thematic magazine out of Berlin created by photographers Elmar Bambach and Julia Marquardt and graphic designer Birgit Vogel.  Each issue confronts the idea of place (place having a very expansive interpretation) through photographs, drawings and text by different artists.  

This sixth issue is about home, featuring an especially beautiful series of photographs by Peter Granser and Fred Hüningof, and drawings by Annie Pootoogook. Other contributors include Nigel Peake, Gustav Janus, Rufina Wu & Stefan Canham, Anne Schumann, Felicitas Hoppe, Helene Hellmich, Matthias Koch, Peter Bichsel, Anna Simone Wallinger, Tom Bresemann, Jan Stenmark, and Iris Janke. 
Text is in German and English.