An idea for your mom...

Don’t forget to tell your mom how great she is this Sunday.

Need some “I’m thinking about you” gifts?

Fresh off the sewing machine by Rowena Sartin:
textured dot cotton scarf- $49
square universe crinkled silk scarf- $49 



1. Relax in the tub: 
silk and wool sponges from Greece$5 silk, $10 wool
pumice stone from Japan- $5
deitanseki (charcoal & clay facial soap from Japan)- $4 
2. A real treat:
necklace #2, chain and solder by Hannah Keefe- $575

3. An easy piece:
scarf pocket jacket, crushed linen by Rowena Sartin- $225

4. For the tea drinker:
Specialty loose green teas from Japan- $28